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Ensure Your Will is a Legally Binding Document

Your will is an essential document for adults at any stage of life. It ensures that your property, assets, and possessions (bequests) are distributed exactly as you want them to be upon your death. Hiring an Alameda attorney specializing in wills, trusts and estate planning ensures your last will and testament is legally sound, and that your estate will be handled exactly as intended. If you want, our we can also serve as your probate attorney or trust administration attorney, helping your family carry out your wishes and address any unpaid bills, debts or taxes owed.

Also, the process of organizing and assessing what you choose to include in your will bring up interesting and complex questions. This may lead to the realization you need a more comprehensive estate plan to accommodate your lifestyle and personal/financial status. For example, those with blended families or who have remarried with adult children can find it challenging to navigate a last will and testament in a way that feels fair to themselves, their partners, and their collective heirs or beneficiaries. So, regardless of how simple or complex your situation may be, a single consultation with us is a sound step in preparing for the future.

At Tseng Law Firm we are dedicated to making the will drafting process as simple, efficient, and affordable as possible. We also remain mindful of what’s best for our clients and their estate. We’re happy to meet with you during a free, 30-minute consultation to answer questions and provide the information you need to begin drafting your will. When you’re ready, you can schedule a consultation to finalize your will and any other relevant legal documents, such as POAs, advanced healthcare directive or trusts.

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Benefits of Hiring an Attorney to Create a Will

There are several benefits to hiring an attorney to create your will.

Your personal guide

A last will and testament is a legal document, and that means that it contains legalese, including phrases or references that can be confusing. Your attorney serves as a personal guide, explaining anything you don’t understand so you draft and thorough and comprehensive will, rather than one that contains gaps or loopholes.

Prepare with Structured organization and planning

When working with our estate planning attorney, most clients find their estate is more layered and varied than they thought, and that there was more to it than simply deciding who gets what. This requires a structured organization and planning by a legal professional.

Generational savings

Similarly, as we organize and plan your will, we’ll outline ways you can save money now – as well as avenues for future heirs and beneficiaries to save money down the road – avoiding unnecessary taxes, estate fees, and penalties.

Peace of mind

Perhaps the most important benefit of hiring an estate planning attorney is that you gain peace of mind knowing your will is legally sound. Your will and additional estate planning documents are 100% legally sound in both Alameda County and the state of California. That is not something you can know for sure if you draft your own will or estate documents.

You can also rest assured your wishes will be carried out as intended, and heirs/beneficiaries are spared from probate litigation in court or potential estate litigation, common occurrences when wills are not as transparent as they should be.

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